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Jeff Monahan

Just like Eric, Jeff was born and raised in Michigan, bringing the Midwest values and work ethic to EJP Law. Jeff enjoys reading fine print and deconstructing complex business concepts because he likes the logical challenge it offers. He has fun solving puzzles, so planning capitalization tables, restructuring businesses, and suggesting slight changes in contract language really isn’t “work” at all for him. He is admittedly a nerd for trademark law, so protecting clients' brands and logos is second nature for him.

Jeff’s previous experience in sales and customer service gave him the communication tools to provided clear, non-legalese guidance to the EJP Law family clients. Eric and Jeff routinely collaborate in order to provide a frictionless, systematic approach to their clients. This allows the client to be fully informed, receive updates without asking, and better understand the legal journey without having to request any of it from Eric or Jeff.

Jeff has been quoted in articles and interviewed on national TV segments regarding his perspective on various topics. He is an active member of the Beverly Hills Bar Association. He has been a panel participant and moderator for many Beverly Hill Bar events.



Jeff recognizes the importance of recharging and stepping away from work in order to better serve the EJP Law family clientele during the weekdays. When he is not working on your matter, he is playing ice hockey, golf, or simply enjoying the outdoors, likely while reading or listening to a podcast or audiobook.