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Margaret Sedy

Margaret exemplifies one of EJP Law's key values; Patience.

Margaret has litigated hundreds of cases in both federal and state courts, but no matter how complex and time consuming the case, she always took (takes) the extra time to walk her clients through the process and prepare them for what may come up. Even in a practice of law where she has be tough, a fighter, and unrelenting, her keen sense of patience, and applying it to the EJP Law family of clients is ever present.

Margaret routinely goes into depth with clients to make sure that the entire litigation process is fully explained, no stone is left unturned, and the clients feel comfortable and part of the EJP Law family. Her online reviews speak for themselves, "she talked to me like a peer," "provided examples based on law and properly guided, taught, and supported me", and when referencing comparing Margaret to other attorneys one client said, "none seemed to have the same compassion [and] patience."

Unlike attorneys who try to confuse you with legalese, especially when it comes to litigation, Margaret fully embraces the EJP Law's clarity pillar and provides all aspects of confusing litigation in clear, understandable terms. Margaret and Eric have worked on many matters together, even both starting their legal career at the same litigation firm together.

Are you ready for Margaret and EJP Law to guide you through your lawsuit?



When Margaret is not patiently serving EJP Law family members, she enjoys being with her Siberian huskies, hiking, and cooking authentic Italian family recipes.