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Los Angeles business attorney, Eric J. Proos, of EJP Law, P.C., has been quoted and the author of the following published articles. You can see his experience in both contractual law, business law/start up, as well as his thorough understanding of the California state cannabis regulations.

Check out the following articles:

Grow Your Business and Grow Your Wealth podcast with Gary Heldt

“Unlike a lot of my colleagues or former classmates, I don’t come from a bloodline of attorneys or anyone in the family that did anything like that. Unfortunately, my desire to become an attorney came or stemmed from a family tragedy, our family was a victim of workplace violence and we lost an immediate family member.”

Top Lawyers: Eric J Proos On The 5 Things You Need To Become A Top Lawyer In Your Specific Field of Law

“I believe success is something a person should continue to work toward. To me, success means that I may have accomplished my goals from the year before, or landed a client, I keep raising the bar in order to continually create a new definition of success for myself. Three main character attributes have helped.”

Wait — Kim Owns the Land and Kanye Owns the House? (2021)

“People in the public eye like Kim and Kanye want to have their property or assets so if they’re ever held liable for something, those assets are really hard to reach,”

The Small Business Guide to Contracts +10 Red Flags to Avoid (2020)

“From the experts: “A huge red flag especially when contracting to do work that may involve a third-party outside of the contract is an indemnity provision. If a contract is proposed to a client without an indemnity provision when it should be, it has me questioning who my client is working with.” — Eric J. Proos, Esq. is a small business owner himself and attorney.”

The First Steps to Starting Your California Cannabis Business (2018)

“As an attorney, I get a lot of questions regarding starting a cannabis business. With all of the confusion surrounding the process, I wanted to clear the air with some helpful first steps.  Although there are some differences, and definitely a lot more restrictions when opening a cannabis business, the overall process is similar to starting any company. This article will address the initial steps and the importance of those steps when starting your cannabis business.”

Top 5 Points to Take Away from The Bureau of Cannabis Control’s Emergency Regulations (2017)

“The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) released its Emergency Regulations on November 16, 2017, right at the mid-November time frame we were promised.  The Emergency Regulations include seven chapters, spanning 115 pages.  The Law Office of Eric J. Proos, P.C., has saved you time over the Thanksgiving weekend and has included five points to consider from the Emergency Regulations with an in-depth analysis for each point provided in this article.”