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California’s corporation, LLC, and partnership statutes are complex, and in many cases can leave the business exposed to potential lawsuits, ownership disputes, or not formed properly. That is why, when you decide to start a business, it is critical for you to seek experienced counsel that is familiar with local, state, and federal laws to protect you and your business.

At The Law Office of Eric J. Proos, P.C., this is precisely the kind of counsel we strive to provide to each and every one of our clients. Eric is not only a well-respected Los Angeles business attorney, he is also a business owner who has the understanding about how the state of California and business owners think.

Do not proceed with establishing your business without an experienced Los Angeles business attorney on your side. Contact us today to request a free 30-minute phone consultation.

Uniquely Qualified Los Angeles Business Attorney

While The Law Office of Eric J. Proos, P.C., is prepared to represent you and your business, Eric has a number of qualifications that make him knowledgeable in business transactions and business litigation. If you, or a friend, are contemplating starting a business, our firm is ready to help.

Eric Proos:

  • Is a member of the State Bar of California Business Law Section;
  • Focuses continuing legal education on business oriented seminars such as:
    • “Entity Formation: Why You Should Not Use LLC’s in Every Situation?”;
    • “Crowdfunding and Other Startup and Early-Stage Financing Techniques”;
    • “What Every Business Attorney and Litigation Should Know About Discovery in Arbitration”; and
    • “To Dissolve or Not to Dissolve: Navigating the Waters of the Shareholder Dispute”
    • Has been awarded the Top Contributor Award by Avvo for 2017.

Whether you have started your business, are looking for counsel to start your business, or need a Los Angeles business lawyer as general counsel, The Law Office of Eric J. Proos, P.C., is ready to speak with you. We know that your business is your livelihood, so we will treat it as if it was our own.

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