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What is an ABC lawyer?

You want to open a restaurant or bar and sell alcoholic beverages. In California, (and other states) you will need what is colloquially called a state-approved liquor license to do it. Once you obtain your license, which can be a trial in and of itself, an alcohol beverage compliance (ABC) lawyer can help you through the maze of filings. They will also ensure your operation remains in full compliance with applicable liquor laws as they pertain to your particular operation.

The Attorney Role in Securing a Liquor License

Finding a liquor license in California can be difficult. Availability depends on your location and the type of license you want. Even with legal help the process can take up to 3 months and sometimes longer for an original license. Legal hurdles can be daunting: escrow stipulations; local and federal requirements; alcoholic beverage tax programs; sales tax permits; recorded notice of intention…it’s all pretty complex. Most attorneys will advise you not to invest significant money into a business until you are sure about the license.

What else does an ABC lawyer do?

An ABC lawyer not only helps you through the legal licensing maze but is invaluable in keeping your business in compliance. The rules are many and unforgiving. A slip-up can cost you your business. While you are busy growing your business, an attorney can:

  • take care of all of the complex ABC requirements;
  • prevent fines and other legal penalties;
  • limit your business’s liability for civil claims, and
  • ensure that you continue to operate legitimately.

The Legal Bottom Line

Every state has unique alcohol control laws, and California is no exception. These laws exist to ensure the sale of alcoholic beverages happens under legal and controlled circumstances. The goal is to preserve public safety. Any business in California that wishes to serve or sell alcohol must meet and maintain criteria set forth by the California ABC.

Should you fall afoul of the law, an ABC attorney can…

  • provide the legal counsel necessary to limit the damaging effects of a violation on your business, and
  • maintain your license so your business can continue uninterrupted.

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All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice. Each situation is dependent on the specific facts and must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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